Weatherization Assistance Program


The U.S. Department of Energy Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) is designed to enable low-income families to reduce their energy bills through efforts to make their homes more energy efficient. Roeing Corporation offers WAPconnect as Data Management software for weatherization and other energy assistance programs. WAPconnect is a web-based weatherization software application that allows you to track, measure, monitor, and budget data in one centralized location that is stored securely and remains accessible from any Internet accessible computer.

WAPconnect reports on applicant balances, unobligated balances, tracks claims auditing and matrix auditing, can report on fraud investigations, and also tracks notification letters, budgets, and statistics. This application can plot client demographics, map dwelling statistics, track budget and financial information, plot overhead cost budgeting, monitor job costs, and allows for multiple monitoring tools. WAPconnect can also inventory multiple funding sources and is capable of both agency and state levels of reporting. Roeing can host this application for you, and it is also offered in a premise-based license version. Contact Roeing Corporation today for more information.

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